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Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis?
Skeptical Inquirer, May/June 1998
A Roper Poll claimed that nearly four million Americans have had certain "indicator" experiences and therefore had probably been abducted by aliens. But a study of 126 school children and 224 undergraduates shows knowledge of aliens is related more to watching television than to having the relevant experiences.... [Full story]

Inner Awareness : Out-of-body experience a neurological disorder?
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippines - Jan 24, 2005
HOW does science look at the phenomenon of out-of-body experience (OOBE) or astral projection? My Australian friend ...
[Full story]

Higher states of consciousness
The Scotsman, UK - Jan 2, 2005
She is having an "Out of Body Experience" (OBE), and hers is a classical description. Some 10 per cent of the population endure these sensations at some time. ...
[Full story]

Out-of-body experience clues may hide in mind
September 19, 2002
Over the years, many people have described having "out-of-body" experiences, but there's not much solid scientific data on what causes them. Now, a chance event may shed some light on what produces the feeling. [Full story]

Six Studies of Out-of-the-Body Experiences
Charles T. Tart, Journal of Near Death Studies
, 1997. [Full story]

Some Methodological Problems in OOBE Research
Charles T. Tart, Scarecrow Press, 1973
[Full story]




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