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Welcome to the Out-of-Body Experience InfoNexus!

This site is an ongoing project devoted to  the understanding and practice of out-of-body experience (OBE or OOBE) and related phenomena.  A major objective of this site to foster community atmosphere through an open exchange of ideas, views, and personal experiences. To this end I strongly encourage you to help contribute to the content of this site by participating in the Forum section.

An out of body experience is a subjective experience in which one's consciousness seems to depart from the body, enabling him or her to perceive the physical world from the outside.  The term out-of-body experience is often used interchangeably with astral projection, but the two phenomena, while similar, are not synonymous at all.  Astral projection, by contrast, is the idea that a person has an astral body, usually connected to the physical body by a silver cord, that can travel freely in the astral world.  The astral world is a  subtle replica of the physical world but may contain elements that have no counterparts in the physical world.  Unlike an OBE, an astral projection does not require one's consciousness to travel through the physical world and being able to perceive physical reality from outside the body.

Out-of-body experiences can be terrifying, especially while one experiences it for the first time.  The sensation of separating from the physical body may make a person feel as if his or her soul is leaving the body (i.e, dying).  To experienced practitioners, on the other hand, OBE can be an exhilarating adventure, allowing them to fly and walk through walls with their sense perceptions largely intact .  Owing to its remarkable intensity and vividness, out-of-body experiences can be  spiritually transforming, affirming the existing of the soul and the afterlife.


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